Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Midtown....final push.

This post was written up by the Good Little City blog here in Reno.  I certainly couldn't have said it better so I'm just going to repost it!

30 Parking Spots are Blocking a Bike Lane that Would Connect 20,000 Students to Reno Businesses

Reno is on a path to rebuild it's most important street without a bike lane through its most important section.  When the street is complete, this section may have as few as 30 on-street parking spaces.  Here are 4 images that explain why sacrificing a bike lane that could connect an entire city for a few parking spots is silly, silly business.

*The Midtown district currently has approximately 100 parking spaces in this section.  The street redesign will cut the number to about 50.  Some private developers have stepped forward to say they plan to request further elimination of their street parking in favor of wider sidewalks or bike lanes.
We believe the final number of parking spaces after Fire Lanes and Bus Stops are in place may bring the number to about 30 spaces.  There is not enough width in the street to fit both bike lanes and on-street parking in this small 6 block section between California Ave and Vassar.  A choice must be made.

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