Tuesday, August 11, 2015

My Morning Commute....Biking vs. Driving.

Ok, we've all heard it.  In an urban environment for distances under 2 miles, bicycling is often faster or equivalent to driving.  It factors in all the normal things....stop signs, stop lights, traffic, etc.

Home and Work locations and roughly a 6 mile diameter circle.

My commute is roughly 6 miles (one way) and slightly down hill in the morning....and I'm officially going to say it is now (significantly) faster for me to ride than to drive!  It hasn't always been this way....it used to be about a tie....or even perhaps a little faster to drive. 

To be fair....to get to my office (driving) I usually have two choices....take 80 through the spaghetti bowl to 395 and then Mill St. over to my office.  Should be easy, but construction has made the spaghetti bowl straight up impassable this summer.  No problem I think....I'll just stay on 80 until I hit Rock blvd. and take that to the office (it has a lot of lights but it works).  Nope, everyone and their brother has shifted to this route.  To the point that the Rock blvd. ramp backs up onto the freeway (which is also frickin' dangerous).  Today with the ramp backup and the backup on Rock due to lights it took me 30 minutes to get to work!?

It takes me less than 20 minutes to ride!  How ironic that I drove today to save time and arrive early for a 8 am meeting.  Also, I did not arrive early.

So folks, look at that circle.  I'll bet many of you live and work inside it.  My question is are you really saving any time by driving....

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