Tuesday, August 4, 2015

July Megapost....Part Two.

Moab Trails are fun even in the summer!

Especially if there's a creek along the trail!

Trail running with the dog.

With mandatory stick throwing in all big pools.

12 year old dog can still move when she wants to!

In case you want to find the trial...

Camping on the San Juan in Pagosa Springs, CO.

Cruise a thon "race"!

Fruita, CO mountain biking heaven!

Trail view.

More trail views.

Back to Reno and decided to visit Erica's Ghost bike while out on a ride.

What can I say...it was a hot day.  I found double relief with a beer at Craft and some time in the cooler!

And rode home with a cool sunset.

Wrapped up the vacation with some Reno food truck action (wood fired pizza truck).

And a little Ace's baseball.  Which I can now attend since they finally paid their taxes.

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