Friday, August 7, 2015

Drop interim post.

Ok, drop bars aren't for everyone and don't really make my top 10 list of interesting things.  However, it was a rainy morning and I didn't take any good pictures so this is where we're at.

Salsa Cycles has some kind of non traditional takes on drop bars....e.g. the Woodchipper that I run on my Salsa Fargo.  Really wide kind of hard to get through a doorway wide.  I like this because it gives almost mountain bike (flat bar) like control when needed but it's also kind of a pain just due to the flare factor.  They had another option, the Cowbell, that was "wider"...compared to a normal drop bar, but it never held much appeal to me because it didn't give enough flare to give subtle trail control.

Apparently, I haven't been too worried about it because I completely missed that back in late May Salsa matted the Cowbell and Woodchipper to create an unfortunately named but perfectly proportioned Cowchipper bar!  Suddenly, I appear to be in the market for a new set of bars!

So...have you ever thought about it?  What type of drop bars should you really be riding!?

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