Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Moab....a how to guide!

Ok, I promised a write up on the Moab trip upon my return so here goes.  A photo guide to how to tackle Moab.

Find all your camping gear and load the car.  Bikes...put bikes on the car.  Get on Hwy 50 and drive East.  Be sure to notice Wheeler Peak on your way.  Make mental notes to get back to Great Basin National Park.

Use a couple other roads...when all the rocks turn red you are in Moab!  Find an awesome place to camp in the red rocks and unload bikes and camping gear.
Immediately, climb the nearest 150ft high sandstone fin to observe camp.  Wait until dark....then use camp for sleeping.
Return to sandstone fin with coffee in the morning to soak up some sun and phenomenal 360 degree views (repeat daily)!

Now that you are rested and caffeinated....cease Moab by the horns.  Hike to an arch!

Introduce your bicycle to the slickrock, your bike will thank you later.
Be sure to bring a friend....they will also thank you later!

When you see lines that lead out across vast areas of slickrock follow them.  Your technical riding skills will benefit from the experience (or you will get broken collar bones....I can't remember which).

Enjoy the ride!

Do not forget about the dog....bring the dog on the trails!  Just be sure to keep tabs on their feet!  Slickrock is like sandpaper!

Follow the dog...the dog will only wait so long for you!
Now that you are a skilled hiker and biker in slickrock country....try doing 10 plus mile runs on it.  Specifically, on the full slickrock trail.  It will be fun and it will hurt you!

Enjoy the views while you run!

When you have completed hiking, biking, and running, return to camp and enjoy snacks and a beverage (remember to look good while doing it).  Repeat daily or until you are exhausted and need to go home!

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