Monday, April 2, 2012

The weekend.

My weekend went by in a usual.  I knew something was brewing on Friday, because I encountered the love bike cruising down First St.

The next clue was encountering about 20 fixed gear riders as I headed up Washington St.  The only question remaining was what draws this kind of crowd to Reno?  There was of course only one answer...

Yep, Scalleycat was in town this weekend.  If I'd been adventurous I'd have headed out Friday night to see just how much PBR these guys (and gals) can drink and still stay upright on a bike.  Instead I waited til Saturday afternoon to head down to the Fort and check out the event as it came to an end.

The end for me involved my own challenges to say upright on my ride home...all in all not a bad weekend.

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