Thursday, April 5, 2012

The rest of the 4th St. commute.

So I kinda left off on the description of my new 4th St. commute last week.  It's given me some new pics so I thought I'd share.  We left off about at the Reno Bike as we continue to roll we hit a few other notable places you might want to stop and check out.

Zagol Ethiopian restaurant is definitely on the list and has some really tasty eats.  Just remember to bring your friends and wash those hands, cause the portions are family sized and utensils are not required!   

Breakfast to burgers and beers, Big Ed's has it all.  I haven't made it to this landmark for grub yet but I'm hoping to stop in now that it's part of my commute.

And if it isn't food you need, but just about anything else in the freaking world, "head on down to the big red barn".....or Twin City Surplus.  You know you've heard their commercial at some point.  I do hit this place now and then and it has just about everything.  You'll stay awhile just because you won't believe all the random stuff they have laying around!

From here I turn off at Galletti Way and the excitement drops off with NV Cement plant and the DMV.  After that I can pick up the river path for the remainder of the ride and cruise into work without a care in the world.

So pick a different route and look around the town you live in.  It's like a mini road trip without the car or leaving home!

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