Friday, February 14, 2014

Construction sign placement....

I realized that there isn't a place that is "good" to put these....but you can't help but notice they are always blocking either a bike lane or a sidewalk.  They are never placed to inconvenience a driver.

I encountered THREE of these on the way in to work this morning (pictures of two).  I mean come on...the sign isn't enough....we have to throw in a cone to make sure a cyclist gets pushed fully into the lane of fast moving traffic!

I know that the guy setting these out isn't thinking about it....and where do you put them that doesn't inconvenience someone.  It does create a potential hazard either way.  For this last one (right outside my office) I corrected the situation easily!!

The angle isn't great to show it....but with about 10 seconds of effort I moved the whole setup onto the grass.  Still gets the message across and I didn't have to ride out into traffic!  Kinda ironic that the whole get up was placed pretty much on a bike lane symbol, next to a bike lane sign.

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