Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Ten things every cyclist should do!

I found this over at dirtrag.com, buried several pages back.  While it's great from a mountain biking standpoint alone.....I'd argue it could be framed from any type of cycling you enjoy.  Either way it's a good 10 things to do list.  How many can you check off?

The list:

1)  Build a bike
2)  Ride at night
3)  Ride in the snow
4)  Ride in another country
5)  Sleep next to your bike
6)  Ride a new trail
7)  Cross a mountain range
8)  Ride in a bike race
9)  Visit a bike park
10) Ride to the sea

With varying degrees of success I'll lay out my list....

1) I definitely built up wifey's Soma from scratch and building an xtracycle probably counts.

2) I've done tons of night riding (although most of it on roads).....the most memorable is probably the only time I went night riding on a mountain bike. The grade 3 shoulder separation that resulted and the quality time in the emergency room at 2am did not make this a popular idea with wifey!

3) Peavine is awesome for this.

4) You pretty much have to ride a bike at some point when your in the Netherlands.

5) Technically, I slept right next to my bike in a snowstorm.  So what if I was in my truck camper.  I have many tent nights in Moab and on Cycle Oregon right next to the bike for street cred. 

6) This one is a gimme....everyone who rides, rides new trails.

7) I don't think I have this one.  Maybe during Cycle Oregon last year....I'd have to check the route.

8) Sagebrush cyclocross series last year.

9) I haven't ever been to a bike park....I'll have to hit Northstar this year.

10) Nope...never biked to the sea....adding to the to do list.

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