Monday, February 3, 2014

Evolution of Keystone Canyon Trailhead.

Well, I blogged about it.....I went to meetings with the developers.....I requested all the best options that were available....and now it's here.  Development at the doorstep of the best local trail network in town.  It shouldn't affect the trails, it's just the whole idea of developing Peavine.  We don't need it and it's the last place you can glance outside the loop and just see Sierra foothills without (too many) homes and apartments cluttering them.  I guess that's "progress". 

 On the up side.  The developers seem to be as good a group as you can hope for.  They are going to do things like post signs in the trail head parking lot, that it is not to be used as overflow parking.  They will be gating off some of the illegal off road truck access points and upgrading / creating additional trail head locations.  They should also be fixing up the dilapidated infrastructure along the existing roadways including lighting.

Anyway here's a few pics of the trail head area:

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