Monday, February 3, 2014

Keystone Canyon and Fenders....Do they get along?

It was kind of a grey, blase weekend.  Not the kind of day that makes you want to grab the bike and head out into the cold.  However, wifey kicked things off on Sunday announcing that she would be doing twenty miles of running.  So...the dog and I joined in on the initial 3 miles (our dog is older and kinda high mileage, so that's all she can handle....but she refuses to be left behind).  After that I was sweaty and already dressed for the conditions, so I decided to test out the Fargo with fenders on some rough terrain....and I needed pictures of the Keystone construction.  Here was the route:

Basically, up to the radio towers, over to the top of the UNR downhill course, down Evans Canyon, and up and over the Keystone connector.  A nice little loop.
Some of the Keystone single track is smooth....just perfect for fenders without rattly noise.

And some of it is bone jarring....and tests your fender install.  The fargo passed with only minor fender noise in the roughest terrain.

Back to smooth sailing.

The current configuration....getting ready for some gravel touring at some point.

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