Friday, February 7, 2014

Keystone Complete Streets Meeting.

The meeting kicked off last night with a capacity crowd.  I mean 100 plus people, so it's obviously getting the attention it deserves.  In my opinion the crowd was weighted 70% for,30% against the project.  We got some additional details in terms of traffic counts, accident stats, etc., but don't have the various design options.  So the funny part is neither side really knows exactly what they are for or against. 

 RTC wisely doesn't have an open comment section in these meetings.  Instead you fill out a question/comment card and hand it in.  They are then read by the project leader and answered by the RTC, City of Reno, or NDOT person best suited to be knowledgeable about the topic.  The questions/comments ranged from Bicycles are dangerous and shouldn't be allowed on our roads.....and RTC is ruining Reno, to why aren't we doing this to every street.  So really full circle....

I added my own comment:  For North Keystone (Raley's North to McCarren), City of Reno only plows one lane in each direction during the winter.  Even this year during a light winter, this has meant that for 2 weeks after the December storm the outside lanes were only marginally drivable.  Yet somehow traffic flowed just fine (no delays) why don't people think 1 lane in each direction with a turning lane will work!?

I didn't even note that in big snow years the outside lanes are unusable for MONTHS at a time!!

So anyway, that was the meeting.  Hopefully, it's going the right direction.

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