Thursday, November 13, 2014

Cyclocross makes the local news!?

So....I'm completely stoked to see a story like this actually make the local headlines.  On the other hand, I'm guessing it must be a slow news day for them to cover this.  Either way, this could be a huge plug for Reno biking in general if we could land the event! 

And I can't help but throw in a little personal editorial on our competitor cities (think Bike Snob sarcasm here folks).

Louisville, Kentucky....these guys just hosted the single speed cycloscross world championships like a week ago.  They've had their day....let's move on!  Also, insert Redneck joke here....

Hartford, Connecticut....East coast, nuff one wants to go there.  And what do they say back east, "Forgotttaboutit"?

And then there's Bend, Oregon....what to say about Bend.  If you like "craft" beer and like your waiter to have a minimum of a masters degree, I think there's a brewery or two that fit the bill.  Although they're hipster enough that PBR will be available.  They also have "a" bike trail built by some guy named Phil (I think).  When I hear people talk about it, they usually say "whoops", so it must be a mistake to go ride there.  It's also a great town for cross racers (who are notoriously lazy) because you don't even get out of your car to pump your own gas (in fact it's illegal).  And if you can't figure out how to fill your car with gas, there's at least a bike lane or two in you might be able to ride around, if you wanted to take your life in your hands.  So yeah, if it can't be in Reno, Bend is probably a strong second choice.

So good luck other towns.  Once the dirtbag cyclocross community hears Reno is in the running with legal prostitution, breweries and distilleries in non-fixed up warehouse space, cheap hotel rooms with gambling only steps away, and real 80's bands playing don't have a chance of landing this Olympic caliber event, unless Reno turns up its nose at it!!!

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