Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Three blocks of finding fun.

I detoured on one of my "normal" commute routes today to avoid waiting for a long light.  E.g.  I turned right on the red and rode up just one block and then swung a left.  This left me paralleling my normal route.  After a couple blocks it also put me in a kind of alley way, that had a nice little stretch of gravel riding.

It isn't particularly noteworthy, but it did add something different and fun for a few blocks of the commute.  So, what did you find interesting on your ride to work?  If the answer is nothing, try diverting a few blocks just for the heck of might just find some fun!

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  1. Yesterday I decided to take a different route from my usual, diverting onto Greenbrae. I stayed on it longer than I had planned so I ended heading south on El Rancho past Taglia Park (?) The tree leaves were bright orange and red -- just beautiful!! And then rode past a drive-in theater on 9th Street. I knew there was one in Reno-Sparks but wasn't sure where so that was it!