Thursday, November 13, 2014

River path evaluation begins (Fisherman's park section).

Well, I grabbed a tape measure and my phone this morning and picked a section of the river path to evaluate.  Here's what I found.

Green = Good width and pavement condition, Yellow = Moderate width and fair pavement condition, Red = Narrow width and poor pavement condition.

And a few pics to go with the sections that need improvement....

Looking back (West) at the section that begins to narrow....the pavilion pavers are significant bump and hold water and debris.

Looking East at the 10 foot section...not bad but there's no reason for it to narrow.

The pavement in this section could use some crack sealing and a sealant coat.

The beginning of my red section.  A steep hill (where people will likely need to pass others) narrows to 6 ft and has deplorable pavement conditions that border on dangerous.  Riders can easily hit 20 mph on the downhill and then hit these bumps.

More deterioration at the top of the hill.

Overview, looking West back down the hill.
So that's what it takes to evaluate roughly a 1/4 mile section of the path.  If it's in good condition the pics aren't really required to document it.  In places where the path has issues the pictures help for whoever has to think about rehabing the path.  All in all the measuring, pictures, etc. only took me about 5 minutes for the whole section.  So if you want to document a section feel free to do something similar and pass it along!

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  1. Thanks for doing this. This stretch does need some repair. I can continue on from there, heading east. There's some serious bumps from tree roots growing underneath the paved path.