Monday, November 3, 2014

How much time does a commute take?

I drove today.  My defense is that I have a item that weights more than 50 pounds that I wanted to deposit in the dumpster at work.  To assuage my quilt, I made sure to get a few miles of running in this morning with the dog.

However, by the time I got to work.  I wasn't so worried about the guilt of skipping the ride.  I was dumbfounded by how long it took to drive to work!?  Granted, since I was leaving at my riding time (earlier than if I drive) I decided to take the roads through town instead of the highway.  However, it is an apples to apples comparison, since I drove along one of the routes I can ride to work.

In the simplest took me 25 minutes to drive to work.  The same ride takes 20-21 minutes depending on traffic lights.  So how can a the drive (which takes place at speeds of 25-40 mph) take longer than a ride (which has an average speed of 17 mph)!?  Easy....traffic, traffic, traffic. 

I was queued up at every traffic light (sometimes for a couple cycles) while driving.  Whereas, when you ride your bike you roll past 10,20,30...or more cars in your own private bike lane...right to the light and then progress on your merry way.  I really would have guessed that driving would still be quicker.  So live and learn....if your commute seems to be taking too long....perhaps you should ride!

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