Wednesday, November 26, 2014

How to crash in a cyclocross race....

 Don't bunny hop the barrier completely and bounce the rear wheel into it.  Allow rear wheel to completely rebound....  Be sure to completely commit to eating shit by removing hands from handlebars!

Use now free hands to catch the rapidly approaching ground! make this look really good, do not clip out yet!

Tuck and roll....for dramatic effect don't unclip second foot yet.

Show everyone your Lycra clad ass!

Complete roll / slide through and unclip.

Begin recovery.

Ok...almost begin recovery....

Start smiling because you see someone is getting this on camera....grab bike and slam the brake levers back into place while running the next two barriers.  Continue racing for 3 more laps!
Oh...and if you're wondering.  I'm the chump eating if you were thinking I'm being a bit harsh with the comments it's ok, because I'm insulting myself!

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  1. Nice play-by-play action shots, and I like the blog update. It looks sharp!