Friday, February 6, 2015

Another brewery to try!

I've been in Reno just about 20 years now....and I've never had a reason to set foot in Baldini's Casino.  However, since they have partnered up with High Sierra Brewing I thought it might just be time.  So, yesterday a couple guys from the office and I made the trip.  The IPA was spot on.  They also have the "rights" to make the Awful, Awful....a staple of the original Nugget.  I've had the real thing a few times, so I thought I better give the High Sierra version a know, just to make sure they're doing it right.  3/4's of a pound of burger and 1 pound of fries later, the vote is that High Sierra does do it awful good and awful big!

So head down and check it out sometime.  It's not exactly a bike friendly location....but the beer is worth the trip!

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