Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Davis Creek s24o Reroute....St. James's Gatehouse Bypass!

If you looked at my "trial run" of the s24o Davis Creek route, you might have noticed I got stopped cold at the bicycle unfriendly gatehouse of St. James's Village.  A firefighter helped me find an alternate route...but it dumped me out downhill / or a significant hike-a-bike ridge line away from where I needed to be.   Well, thanks to a little analysis on Google Maps....I think I've found a good way around the problem.  It also adds a little bit more single track riding to the tour!

You'll have to click on the image to blow it up (so you can read the text).  Basically, the green is where we wanted to go.  The red dot is the gatehouse that stopped me.  Yellow was my route last week...that doesn't go where we need.  Purple is the new solution!!!  Why fight the "man", when you can just avoid him! 


  1. There is another gate at the bottom of Joy Lake Rd.

    1. Thanks chuteski...I saw it on Google maps, but I don't think they can stop us from leaving! And our return route is back up old 395, do I think we're in the clear. I will still try to ask permission to pass through for the group ride, I'm just not hopeful on the response.