Friday, February 20, 2015

Biking and Whiskey and Beer, Oh my!

Well kids, it's going to be a busy weekend if you like any of the items in the title.  Here's a few options I'm considering / doing.

Tonight from 5-8 pm there's a whiskey tasting out at the Verdi Local Distillery.  I've had a preview of their apple cinnamon whiskey and I'm looking forward to sampling some of their other wares!  I'm going to use it as an excuse to do a ride, but you could just join me out there!

Next the form of Freeze your Pints Off beer festival on Saturday afternoon!

Yeah, yeah, no one is going to be freezing anything given our recent weather.  In fact you might want to bring a cozy to keep your beer cold.  The event is being held at Under the Rose Brewery on 4th St. (just down from the bike project).  Details are above.  It's a great gathering of most the local breweries....very bikeable and should be a good time!

Finally, if you're interested in a S24O bikepacking trip, there will be a little gathering up at my house Saturday evening.  We're going to be reviewing some bike configurations, gear lists, and routes for the Davis Creek trip in mid-March.

There will also be some home brew on tap and we may throw on the Tour Divide video (bikepacking race / ride from Banff, Canada to Mexico) for some additional entertainment.  Right now it's kind of an invite event....but if your really interested, post a comment here or email and I'll get in touch with my address.  It should be a good way to meet other people interested in bike touring so don't be afraid to come.

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  1. I didn't know there was a local distillery near Verdi!! We'll have to join you next time :)