Friday, February 13, 2015

The Art of Passing.

I know what you're thinking.  That I'm talking about passing this gal on a busy street (Mill St.) and how to do it in the relatively narrow space of a bike lane.  You're almost right.

So a little context....I don't think I ride particularly fast or slow.  I usually roll anywhere between 17-22 mph depending on the grade, my mood, how I feel, etc.  This morning was no different.  I think I saw 18-19 mph on the gps just before this little gal zipped around me.  Yep, she passed me.  A quick hello as she used a break in traffic to pass my (apparently slow) self.

I had noticed someone behind me at the previous light, but it always seems weird to me to turn around to evaluate another rider, unless they spark up a conversation.  Besides, usually once the light turns they aren't riding at a decent pace and they disappear behind me.  Not this gal.  She went around me and clipped along at 21-22 mph all the way down Mill St.  And of course I picked up the pace too...  Partly because I'm competitive and don't like to be passed.  Partly just to ride with another person.  And partly because she was cute....well, as much as you can tell with a cyclist in sunglasses and helmet.

The point however, is the pass she made was totally text book.  She must have waited a bit to see if my slow ass would pic up the pace.  And then waited some more for a good break in traffic to move just outside the bike lane to pass me.  She didn't crowd me or try to sneak by (as folks..even me...often do).  And she make a quick concerted effort to get around me and back in the bike lane.  Not one of those slow overtakes where you just barely eke your way by and then don't maintain the pace once in front of the other rider.  So...there you have the proper way to pass....or be passed in my case!

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