Monday, February 23, 2015

Verdi Local Distillery by bike!

The Route.

Ok, as mentioned previously, I headed out from work on Friday and pointed front tire towards Verdi.  The point being to finally hit up the Verdi Local Distillery (the countries smallest distillery) for one of their open bar sampling nights.  Here's the picture and comment tour.

It was my usual commute home, followed by hitting up the western extent of the river path.  And then just a bit of road out East 4th Street to Mogel and Verdi.  This portion of the path used to be bumpy as, smooth as glass!
Upon arrival it was already buzzing with activity.  I took a self tour with my first sampling of sage whiskey.  Fermenter's at work.  Hey....these are made by Stout Tank and Kettle....same as my fermenter!

The Stills.  Currently quiet for the evening.  They are gorgeous though....makes you want to take brewing to the next level!

Out in the garage....pallet after pallet of Mammoth Brewery Epic IPA.  All part of a "bad" batch that Mammoth didn't want on the shelves.  However, it's really just slightly off it was handed off to Verdi Local to be used as mash for a custom "Epic" Whiskey!

The whiskey selection....needless to say I didn't come close to trying them all.

It was a dark ride home around 9:30 (they close at 8pm technically).  While a bit lonely, the traffic was light and the bike path portions of the ride where well lit!

If you want to join in on the action....tastings are the 1st and 3rd Friday of every month from 5-8pm.  Tastings are free, as are full drinks, due to their licensing status.  However, if you're not a deadbeat they have a tip jar where you can properly support them.  And they currently have their apple cinnamon whiskey for sale and their gin will be up next month!  So stop out and grab a bottle and get a tour.  It's a great little operation that we all ought to support!

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