Friday, May 15, 2015

Bike to Work Week Pancake Feed!

Sooooo fulllll of pancakes and bacon and sausage and OJ and coffee!!!

A little rain and cloudy weather definitely didn't dampen spirits down at the Reno Bike Project this morning at the annual pancake feed.  There were a few people with wet butts asking where I got the fenders on my bicycle however! 

Despite a few sprinkles...a few of us were even still hanging out on the sidewalk.  The slightly smarter people are inside!
The volunteer cooking crew hard at work.  They made some darn tasty breakfast.

TMBA power house Julie was even sporting a bicycle themed manicure!  I didn't even know this could exist!

So don't forget this isn't the end of bike to work week.  Tomorrow is a slow roll from the Bike Project down to the We Heart Bicycle Art Show at the holland project.  I'll get a proper post up on that later today!

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