Friday, May 1, 2015

Rediscovering Peavine.

I found this little article over at RGJ:
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I also found an nice link to a bit of a map highlighting the new trails.

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I do actually take issue that riders were long forced to ride rocky fire roads on Peavine.  There have been 10's of miles of trails on Peavine (some pretty good ones) for more than 15 years.  Yes, they might have had rocky sections (that's called technical skills folks) and they weren't mapped and signed.  You either had to do the leg work to explore them or be shown by someone who had ridden them.  This in some ways was the secret joy of Peavine.  That it was this hard to know area that took some time and effort to figure it out.

However, times are always changing.  There are huge apartments at Keystone Canyon and Evans Canyon (and more are coming).  The trails see many, many more users than they used to and if they are to be preserved and kept in shape, signing, labeling, mapping, and maintenance are going to be an increasingly important part of the picture.  The Poedunks and their volunteer trail crews are making great strides for all of us and the newer sections of trail (like 10+ miles in two years) are carrying us into the future.

So if you think you want to experience a little bit of classic Peavine trail riding and check out all the new polished single track, get yourself up to Keystone Canyon and have a go a some of the best darn local mountain biking Reno has to offer!

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