Monday, May 18, 2015

Holland Project....We Heart Bicycle Art.

Well, another bike to work week is in the books.  Definitely wasn't our typical weather patterns with a lot of wind and significant amounts of rain.  I attended several of the organized events in both good and bad weather and turn out was impressive either way!  Anyway, I hope you got out and used the designated week as an excuse to ride your bicycle. 

This year (thanks to some date changes) the bicycle art show was our wrap up event.  It was a good show with several pieces I would have bought....if only I'd gotten there before everyone else bought them!?  Having lost my opportunity to purchase fine bicycle themed art I was forced to enjoy some beer and hang out with friends.  Oh...and by the way...the art on the wall is only one type of exhibit.  The full bike racks outside provided their own type of art!

Some of the group from our bikepacking trip enjoying the gallery.

There were personal impromtu dance parties throughout the evening.

People looking at art....

A "modern" penny farthing.  It kind of made me chuckle that it was locked up.  I'm guessing most people couldn't have ridden away with it!

A custom built frame...with patina and then a clear coat.

And a custom chopper!  Talk about bike porn!  And yes, it s a car/trailer rim...drilled for spokes.  Also, a hand actuated brake.  Totally awesome!

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