Friday, May 22, 2015's happening everywhere.

This weekend is the kick off for both the Oregon Outback (Klamath Falls to Deschutes State Park) and the Comstock Epic (a ride across Nevada).  I had serious intentions of doing the Oregon Outback but some scheduling issues came up in the group I wanted to do it with.  It's still going to happen...just not on the mass start that happened this morning.

So while I should be rolling along some cattle trails in Oregon I'm sitting in my office (and obviously working hard).  To that end, I know some of your are ready for another local bikepacking trip.  The chatter has been about doing something out of Dog Valley the last weekend in June.  So if you're thinking it might be do your first've got a month to get prepped. 

For some motivation check out the Oregon Outback write up from last year here:

Or follow the Comstock EPIC right here:

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