Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Former Mayoral Candidate Attacked a Cyclist!?

Found this little gem over at RGJ.  Based on the description this happened on the "Bike Boulevard" right by Hub Coffee.  You can read the article yourself...but let's just consider a few likely things.

1) Good, bad, or otherwise...Riverside is labeled quite extensively as a bicycle blvd. and has been for years.  Its seems likely anyone on the street would be aware of the presence of cyclists.

2) The cyclists ride on the road here....so if someone did actually hit his dog, the dog was in the road.  The question then is....was the dog on a leash?  If the dog wasn't leashed, it's Larry's fault...period.

3) If the dog was on a leash...we'd assume Larry and his dog were on the sidewalk or the river walk.  Leaving the only potential for a collision being Larry and his dog were crossing the street.  In this case, he should be checking for traffic prior to crossing...either cars or bikes.

4) Everything else.  Even if the dog was hit and it was the cyclists fault....you respond by hitting the guy with a golf club....and you're illegally carrying a pistol while hanging out golfing / walking on the river!? 

Click to see the original from RGJ.com

If nothing else he sure is acting like a politician....  Ridiculous behavior, denial of intent (only meant to hit him in the body), doesn't believe the law applies to him (illegal concealed weapon).  Anyone want to bet he pleads not guilty!?

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