Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Bike path regression....averted. Also, I am not alone!

Just a quick update on the bike path construction woes I posted yesterday.  I emailed with Jeff Mann in the Parks Department and was relieved to find out the patches they put in are temporary while some of the construction is ongoing.  I take the to mean the final product will be much improved.

I'd say I need to calm down, relax, and take a breath before firing off such posts (and emails)....but it seems I might be one of a select few watching such things.  And if being a pest results in path improvements verses degradation, then a pest I am happy to be!

Speaking of those select few....looks like about 4-6 walkers and one other intrepid bicyclist!  I saw as many as 4 sets of tracks in various places along the path.  I don't know why people don't ride when it snows....I think of these as some of the most fun commutes!  I mean come on, it's like being a six year old.  Power slides through the corners, covered in slush and mud, 20 foot skid to the intersection with stop signs.  Best riding ever!

That being said, there was one power slide / skid I could have done without this morning.  It was here at the blind s-curve (where locust st. terminates at the river in an apartment complex).

While the image above may not be to scale....I meet a RPD cruiser right in the blind spot of the s-curve that was covered in snow and has a pretty good off angle slope.  I was moving along at a pretty good clip and so was he....fortunately, we avoided a head on collision.  Although my resulting two foot down, both wheels locked power slide was not graceful.

I always ring my bell before entering this corner and I did so today.  He had a window down but obviously didn't hear it.  I wish he would have give a quick beep of the horn since he uses both lanes.  Either way I'm glad to see RPD in any form out on the river trail.  In fact if they increase the number of patrol passes, I promise to work on improving the grace factor of my power slides!

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