Monday, February 20, 2012

BPAC Law Enforcement Committee.

The Bicycle and Pedestrian Committee formed an enforcement group last month.  It's probably not what your thinking (like above).  Rather it's a group aimed at making contact with the local law enforcement agencies and establishing a relationship from the perspective of bicycle riders and pedestrians.  The point is (in my opinion) to remind the officers that there are other users on the roads and we have rights to that space...just like cars. 

I know this is opening the door to a lot of conversations about scofflaw cyclists and pedestrians with death wishes.  We're hoping that education to both drivers, riders, and pedestrians can be best communicated with the help of local law enforcement. 

This BPAC group is in it's infancy and we're just beginning to try to envision how to make the community a better place for all types of  traffic.  If you have ideas on items you'd like to see addressed please let me know!

One idea that I'm pursuing is to help cut down on the number of bike ninjas.  Meaning riders out at night without lights!  This is especially prevalent around the UNR neighborhoods where I ride regularly.  I'll be attempting to work with some of the local NABs (Neighborhood association boards) to get funding to purchase lights that can be given away to riders who are out at night without adequate lighting.

From Yehuda Moon comics written by Rick Smith and Brian Griggs.

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