Thursday, February 16, 2012

Great Basin Community Food Co-op is now a "real" grocery store!

I'm sure everyone has seen this in the paper, but I had my first experience yesterday evening.  And the results are.....that we now have a "real" grocery store that is downtown and it's the Great Basin Food Co-op to boot!  No more hunting through the cute, but very crowded little store on Arlington.  You can now peruse full sized isles and still get organic, locally sourced foods with ease!

After such an awesome introduction, I made sure to swing by this morning to snap a few pictures.  So make your way over to the new location on Court St. and Flint St. and check them out!

Oh, yeah and just in case you think they've lost their way in the expansion/relocation....check out all the bike rims integrated into the railing design.  These continue into the inside as parts of the shelving.  If that still isn't bikey enough for you, check out the last picture and see what I found parked around the side of the building!

Yep, the world as you know it has changed.....double tall bike grill!  I have to find out when they fire this thing up.  I want to be able to say I've had a burger cooked on a bike!

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