Thursday, February 9, 2012

Thank you Parks Department!

Somebody has been out cleaning up the river path this week.  Not just the standard empty the trash cans, but removing debris (bark, rocks, etc) from the trail and even cleaning out the underpass at East 2nd / Glendale Ave.

The underpass is one area that's gotten really bad in the past few months.  It fills with wind blown dirt, tumble weeds, abandoned shopping carts, and rocks.  It's also an s-type curve that has a blind entry so these obstacles are sometimes detected on short notice.  Usually it's restricted to one lane due to the debris and makes for a potential accident waiting to happen.

I can only imagine that the someone is a Parks department employee who is not slacking and doing more than is required.  I'm sure that if that person did only a moderate job....emptied the trash cans and called it a day, that no one would know.  Instead he busted out the broom and shovel and made a difference in my morning.  So here's a big thank you to who ever did a little extra work this morning!

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