Friday, February 24, 2012

RTC 4th and Prater Workshop.

Ok, I did advertise this a while back but I neglected to remind you all that it took place yesterday.  My bad, work was busy and there just wasn't time for a post.  RTC did a really nice job laying out the options and improvements that want to make along this corridor.  This was the second workshop on this project so they have already looked at and incorporated some public comments and options. 

I didn't snap any photos while I was there (sorry), but these are they types of ideas their looking at for the reconstruction.

Option one actually comes in 4 flavors including separated bike ways outside the "parkway" trees!  How very dutch.  They didn't have this on the flyers (just the posters) so you'll have to take my word for it.  Option two has 2 different configurations as well.  The public was give a chance to vote on which version they preferred.  When I left the option 1 configuration was leading by a wide margin.

RTC also had detailed poster board maps (like 10) that laid out all the problematic zones in the corridor, along with zones that represented likely opportunities for improvement.  It looks like they are really doing their homework on this.  They also have a signature page that you can sign to help show support for their TIGER grant application (federal program that distributes funds for this type of project).  This project will cost in the neighborhood of 12 million, so if you get a chance sign this!  These funds are really competitive and being able to demonstrate community support for projects definitely helps. 

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