Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Commute conundrums...but not really!

I'm slightly annoyed this morning by the weathermen in Reno.  They seem to be able to predict a storm, but only give or take 24 hours.  This prediction is limited only to the fact that the storm will occur and that snow will fall above 8000 ft....they are incapable of predicting if, when, and where the snow from the storm will fall below 8000 ft.

I only complain because when selecting a bike from the quiver, snow is important.  For example, yesterday I left the xtracycle (with fenders) at the office, opting to ride the mountain bike home.  This choice was made on the dire predictions for many inches of snow....even in the valley.  This choice was also made based on my traumatic commute on Monday, in fencer packing heavy snow and slush!  So this morning when I left the house I was properly situated on the mountain bike with 2.3 tires, no fenders to pack with snow, and low pressure tires!

The problem was the roads and weather looked like this...

Please note the beautiful sun and lack of snow.  Also note the streets are relatively wet, meaning fenders would be nice.

The river path looks even better.  Again, note the sun and lack of snow.

Not even wet!

So basically, I was forced to have a good time hopping a few curbs and cutting portions of the trail.  Totally fun and a nice change of pace on the morning ride!  So remember, never trust the weatherman and ride any bike you like!  Even when your not on the right bike it's still fun to ride and better than being in line on the entrance ramp to I-80!

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