Monday, February 27, 2012

My 15 miles this morning.

This was my route this morning...

Please note their are no pictures, as I was pretty much holding on for dear life.

All told this was my normal commute along the river, continuing on to an early morning dentist appointment (about 15 miles, if I started the GPS properly).  Not sure if you looked outside this morning, but SNOW.  Don't get me wrong, I actually like riding when it snows (or rains for that matter).

The problem is, this was just the perfect combination of temperature for snow/slush.  This means snow and ice form perfectly inside the fenders when you ride in the soft snowy parts and eventually the bloody wheels just don't turn without some serious effort.  Turns out these conditions make up the entire bike path and most bike lanes where no traffic has used them.

The solution is to ride more in the lane and get into the slush zone.  The slush doesn't pack against the tires and riding involves a whole lot less friction.  This is a good thing.  The bad part is this means taking the lane.  A risky endeavor in Reno on a good day.  Again, SNOW.  People in Reno loose their minds when it snows.  I tried reasonably taking the lane, meaning just using the far right side.  Idiots continued to pass within inches of me in conditions where they could barely control their 2 ton cages.  This included a plow driver and a couple of NV Energy guys in huge trucks!

I finally took the center of the lane and things improved from a safety point of view but I bet they weren't happy with me.  Anyway that was my morning.  Oh, and I have a I have to go back for a filling.

If you're as nuts as I am and still riding today, stay safe.

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