Monday, March 26, 2012

Bike path promise....Parks department delivers!

A few months ago the river path experienced some construction related to a utility project.  We got our own "closure" signs and even an official detour around the block (however poorly marked it was). 

This was followed with some really rough patches that I just assumed were shoddy workmanship.  I mean hey, it's just a bike path....why worry about making the patches smooth.

 I called the City of Reno Parks Department and gripped about the problem and was relieved when they told me it was just temporary and would be "finished" after the project was completed.  I've had good luck with the Parks Department lately (getting the river path lighting running) so I chilled and waited for the finished product.

As the winter progressed the patched degraded pretty quickly and I was starting to have my doubts....but today the final results are in and we've got about 100 ft of shiny new smooth bike path!!

 Now if only we could give the whole path this treatment!


  1. I love new pavement. So smooth. I do a lot of travelling with my folding bike, and I've ridden on all sorts of "bike paths" - compared to some places I've been, even that patched surface was pretty sweet.

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