Monday, March 5, 2012

NAHBS was awesome.

Ok, so the North America Handmade Bike Show was in Sacramento over the weekend.  I almost didn't go but pulled the trigger at the last second (mostly due to prodding by wifey).  Man am I glad we went.  The drive over to Sac is even easier than I remember....just a little over two hours and we were in the hotel. I'm lazy so we choose the one right across from the convention center.

So now it's about 8 pm in Sacramento on a Friday night.....fortunately, I had enough down time at work to locate some breweries, walking distance from the hotel.  We hit Rubicon brewing for a late dinner and beer.   The outdoor seating was great and they allow dogs, so we were set.  (Note: All road trips out of our house require the dog.)  With 6 house beers and 5 cask ales on tap we were off to a good start.  Most of the conversation at surrounding tables was disk brake this, custom lugged that, so I knew we were in the right place.

Blah, blah, want to see bikes.  There are a lot of them so I'll post like five-ten a day for a few days.  Here's the starting batch!

Yep, you should be first pic is a beer bike.  Note the dry ice...the beer was cold!

If you think the first one was overkill, how about a fat bike with a built in growler holder?

Cargo (or kids) with class!

Practical Beauty. 

Absolute flowing style!

Ok, that should get you started.  I'll try to post some more later.

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