Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Commuting swapout.

I like to ride to work pretty much every day.  Mostly the worse the conditions, the more I am sure I'm riding.  Last week however, I rode my regular commute plus another 6 miles to the dentist on an icy, fender packing, slush and snow day.  As if fighting this wasn't enough.....the bike lanes were boarder line unrideable in some areas and traffic wasn't really sharing the lane in a responsible manor.

So today, I have to make a return trip to the dentist for a filling (always remember to floss kids).  I have to admit I just wasn't feeling the love for the ride.  Stupid really, because it's a really nice sunny morning.  I knew however, I didn't want to not ride at I made the commuter compromise.  I threw the bike in the back of the truck and brought it along.

Now I can do the dentist thing and still ride home this evening.  I'll leave the truck at the office tonight and ride back in tomorrow.  This works out doubly well since I have some meetings after work tomorrow that are back to back and across town (making biking a time issue).

So remember, if you've been thinking of trying bicycle commuting you can ease into it by make only a one way trip and leaving the car overnight.  It will help ease you into the saddle and give you a kickstart on spring!

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