Monday, March 19, 2012

St. Patty's Day Shenanigans.

St. Patty's day fell on a Saturday this year.  I'm sure this opened the door for an early start to the festivities for more than a few people (with and without red hair).  A few phone calls and texts transpired by noon at my house and plans were made to gather a Shenanigans Pub over on Plumb and Virginia.  It's kind of a ritual for this group.  An Irish bar that is of course quite busy on this particular day but not in the maelstrom that occurs over on Wells Ave. or at Ceol.  Besides, they have one of the best corned beef and cabbage offerings in town.  Oh, and it's really easy to get there by bike on the back streets!

It was a little grey and cold when I left the house around 3pm, so I opted out of the normal attire for the day (Utilikilt of course).  I was feeling kind of unmotivated and the weather wasn't helping.  Needless to say when I arrived I managed to find a free parking pole to lock up to (Shenanigan's needs some bike parking).  Guinness was consumed and everything started to look a little more cheery!  People were definitely showing their Irish pride with loads of green, including one guy with a shaved head and green latex paint.

After a couple more rounds (including Grand Teton's The Pursuit of Hoppiness Imperial Red Ale) and a plate of corned beef, we decided to give up our corner table and make room for some of the standing room only folks.  A short ride later we ended up at the Zephyr which has undergone a change in ownership and a complete renovation.  Despite the bartender's "holier than thou" attitude, the drinks were good and the new motif (including a wall of embedded bottles) was cool.  We enjoyed a bit more home made corned beef before I decided to call it an early evening.  We exited to find a downright snow storm!  This of course made the ride home all the more memorable.  Hope your celebration was as fun.

Oh yeah, slightly tipsy guy taking cell phone pics in the've been warned!

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