Friday, March 9, 2012

Friday commute traffic....I win!

This was my traffic count from the house to down town Reno.....3 cars.  Is this a holiday I don't know about?  It even brazened me to ride Mill St. all the way to work.

Mill St. was actually kind of busy / backed up once I got East of Kietzke Lane.  I picked a guy on a motorcycle to pace with....and I beat him to Rock Blvd! 

You'd think they would catch you across the top of the airport.  It's a longer stretch with a 40-50 mph speed limit.  The catch is it takes the line of traffic so long to get moving that a bicycle is still your best bet!  Besides it's so fun to ride past a 1/8 mile of backed up traffic in the nice clear bike lane and time the light perfectly for that early morning break away!

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