Thursday, March 15, 2012

Had to drive do you tolerate this!?

Yep, I had to drive today.  Work stuff required it.  I know that the highway is a mess so I avoided this route.  My alternative to to get through downtown Reno and then out to the East side of the airport.  How can everyone stand to drive like this.  People don't speed up to make the green lights....then punch it to run the yellow/red.  When you are stuck in a line of traffic at a red light and it finally turns green there are huge delays to get started because people aren't paying attention (I blame their phones).  All in all it took 2 minutes longer than my average ride time!

Now, I don't blow stop signs or run reds to accomplish this.  The real advantage is that when you're riding a bicycle you notice your surroundings a bit more.  Meaning I see the lights ahead and adjust my pace so I catch them green (when possible).  I also don't have a huge line of traffic to contend with so this plan isn't influenced by the idiots who are messing with their phones and not paying attention.  All in all, way lower stress level and you get exercise to boot. 

Let's just say if you have a choice and you're still driving, I'd say your literally wasting your time!

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