Thursday, March 1, 2012

Headwind hardships....and auto mods.

My commute home was character building yesterday.  Meaning it was straight into a 20 mph head wind out of the west.  Rather than take the river path (which is winding and longer), I opted to take the bull by the horns and head straight up Mill St.  Turns out it was totally worth it, just for this classic shot!

Due to my impressive speeds into the headwind (11 to 13 mph tops), I managed to miss the light at Kietzke Lane. This not so patient lady felt compelled to illegally pass me (rather closely) so she could make her right turn on the red.   I'm pretty sure some cyclists elbow might have been responsible for the original damage (and ghetto-tastic mod).  But heh, at least she must be using her mirrors!

Determined not to let this be the highlight of the commute, I extended my regular westward route (yep, into the headwind) to visit some friends at a house warming party for a brand new home owner.  I managed to get lost on my way there and added an extra mile into the wind!  I then recalled I have a bike based GPS sitting in front of me and with the quick entry of an address and some backtracking I ended my headwind battle with a nice glass of champagne and a shrimp cocktail.

Now that's a good commute story!

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