Monday, July 16, 2012

Bike lock cable is a bike rack!?

I was wandering on my monday morning commute today.  I suppose because it was monday and I didn't really want to get to work.  So as I was tooling around through downtown, enjoying the morning, I made a slightly awesome discovery.

Just outside ComRow (climbing gym), I discovered a new bike rack.

I didn't stop to take more pictures....but I should have.  The end on the far side is shaped like a combination roller (you know the cheap kid version of a bike chain).  It's a neat art rack installation.  the only real problem is it's installed too close to the building.  All in all I'm calling it a win!

I didn't even notice until I looked at the picture, but this rack comes with it's own video security camera too!  So if anyone does get ideas about a nice "new" bike they'll be on ComRow security footage!

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  1. They've reached their 'tipping point' ages ago. Outside train stations all over the nation there is a sea of bicycles in various forms of parking. best hitch bike rack