Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Reno Fire Department.....pedestrian hazards!

I know this issue is like beating a dead horse, but I'll post on it one more time.  RFD....do not park in no parking zones and block crosswalks views, you are going to get someone killed.  I mean seriously, all you need to do is follow the rules that apply to everyone else and we can save you one more roll out.  You'd think at the very least these guys could car pool given the "dire straights" their budget is always in (there are 5 vehicles today and 4 on a regular basis).

If you know a Reno Firefighter you might mention to them this isn't helping their image in town.

Here's my gripe.  No car traveling north on center can see past these large vehicles to know if a pedestrian is coming out in the crosswalk.  Above the Center and First crosswalk is obscured and below the bike path is obscured.  There's a reason these are no parking zones!

Just so you guys don't think I'm a public servant hatter (I'm definitely not)....notice RPD seems to get it and has parked in the "ice rink" parking lot.  Please note there is plenty of room for the RFD guys in this same parking area (and it won't hurt their response time).


  1. Where are they blocking a cross walk? That is a one way street and they are on the north side (up traffic) side of the crosswalk. So if someone would be crossing the only traffic they would be looking for would be to the south where there are no vehicles. The other crosswalk is light controlled and should have no pedestrians (or bicyclists) crossing against the light anyway. Your complaint is baseless and whiny. Just because the picture you took that day has plenty of parking doesn't mean everyday has the same parking. I've driven by there an seen that ice rink parking full. Get over it, ride your little bicycle and be thankful they are there To help.

    1. Anom,

      The bulk of the vehicles are South of the primary cross walk on First and Center (which is 1/2 block up from where my photo was taken). There is also one vehicle south of the bike path cross walk. So in both of these cases line of sight for the driver is obstructed at least partially. While crosswalks are light controlled at First and Center, no cross walk lights are present at the bike path crossing.

      So, the complaint is not baseless (it is probably a little whiny!). I am thankful they are around to help, I just think they should use the parking lot 10 ft. away.