Friday, July 6, 2012

Rolling on the River....bicycle style!

Ok, tonight is a busy night.  Not just for me.....for all of you.  So I hope you packed up your bicycle this morning for the big day.

Your evening is going to kick off with Food Truck Friday down at the old bus station in central downtown Reno. 

This is something you don't want to miss.  The food is fantastic and the choices are huge.  Great Basin will be pouring beer.  The best part is there is a ton of parking (for bicycles)!  If you chose to drive down parking will suck.  Remember to come early because the lines build quickly.

Now that your fed, you can wander (or waddle depending on your caloric intake) over to Wingfield for Rolling on the River!  Parking is again absolutely no problem (if your on a bike)!  Bring a blanket and find some space on the grass for Keyser Soze. 

Now that you're fed and entertained you might want to finish off the evening with a quick nightcap.  I'm thinking some high end beer down at Old Bridge Pub, but if you just want some Sierra classics all you have to do is make it over the bridge to Sierra Tap house!   

So you have evening plans.  So if you didn't ride this morning, you should give it a try this evening.  So dig out that bike and come join us for an evening on the town.

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