Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Things you find on a bike ride.

You notice things when you ride a bike that you just wouldn't if you were driving along in a car.  I'm not saying it's a good thing all the time.  Usually, it's the bad stuff....like how much broken glass is out there or the volume of litter.  There are some things however, that do pique your interest as to how exactly such an item came to be in such a location.  This morning it was this:

Yep, a single tube sock.  Just one, laying there in the middle of the path.  How does one come to lose a single sock at this location and just continue on without noticing?  I mean it does require removing the shoe to lose this right?....and then not noticing you are no longer in possession of said sock when the shoe goes back on!?

Now I realize they may have opted for a bare foot hike at some point, but still...don't you secure the socks in the shoe or a pocket before continuing the stroll?  I mean you might want them later.  Or perhaps if your homeless you are carrying laundry.  Maybe you're even doing laundry in the river of all things....but then you'd think you have a vested interest in keeping the clean socks. (Please note I did not inspect this item closely enough to determine if it was clean or not!)

Either way, you see weird stuff when your out riding....there's no doubt about it!

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