Monday, July 9, 2012

Reeled in.....

Ok, today was a pretty typical commute.  Beautiful sky, perfect Reno temperature, bike path on a river.  It's summer so I expect this pretty much every day.  These conditions have also lead to a seasonal uptick in riders (which is a good thing).  Here is one such rider.....

.....or so I thought!  My normal mode of operation here is a few quick rings of the bell, an on your left comment, and saying good morning as I ride by them.  That's it, I pass them and it's the last I see of them (since I don't have a rear view mirror).  Perhaps I should have paid more attention to this gentleman's well worn Brooks saddle!

Now first up....I'm slightly competitive.  So if I see a rider up ahead I do tend to reel them in.  I did this with this gentleman.  I don't ride at a really face pace, but I'm not always in "recreation" mode either.  Once I've made the pass however, I usually keep it in gear so I don't acquire a wheel sucker.  I made this pass with this exact thought in mind.

Now I can't tell for sure (because I didn't ever look back), but apparently I didn't keep it in gear quite enough.  I never heard him or sensed him, but as I let up just a little before exiting the river trail at Rock park, I got an "on your left" from behind me.  Sure enough, this same gentleman had been with me for the last 2.5 miles.  I don't think he was drafting (wheel sucking), but he must have been just back a bit waiting to let me know I hadn't dropped anybody!

So well played sir, well played.  I look forward to our next meeting.  I will bring my A-game for the pass!

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