Monday, July 2, 2012


Ok, sorry that the old blog has been quiet for a week plus.  I had some things to take care of back in Michigan.  The first and foremost was to finally marry off my brother to the gal who's been putting up with him for the last several years.

 It was a beach wedding and we scored on the good weather!  It was mid-90's the week before and we managed to drop the temperatures to the 80's and not get rain!  For those of you who are Nevada born....water falls from the sky a bit more often in the rest of the country, so this can be a real concern.  There was of course a reception party afterwards and things quickly got interesting!

I'm sure you didn't have this much fun at your last wedding!  The rest of the trip was catching up with family and spending some time on the beach. 

I know that you were probably expecting detailed postings about all the biking we did.....however, the best I can give you is that we did dust off my parents old mountain bikes (with some impressively large saddles I might say) and ride down the boardwalk to the local brewery.  It was an excellent reminder that bikes take zero maintenance and can roll out when called on. 

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