Thursday, July 26, 2012

River path construction is complete!

The construction wrapped up in record time for the closure at the east end of Rock park.  There is now about 100 yards of brand new, silky smooth concrete trail under the Rock Blvd bridge!

I may not like the abrupt closure style they use on the path construction projects, or the lack of detours provided, but they sure did this one about as quickly as possible and it seems to be a really good result.  Turns out (after talking to some BPAC folks) the reason for the upgrade was purely due to the deteriorated condition of the trail in this section.  I ride it once in a while and didn't think it was that bad....but who am I to judge.  If I had my vote for worst portion of the river trail it would have to be the section along the automobile museum!

The only things I would have liked added to this particular project would have been a connection to the well used foot path that connects to the road above.

And it would make the area look a lot better if they cleaned up all the junk conduit that they left from the bridge construction!

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