Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Bend Trip Report.

What can you say about Bend....well, I'd go with:  If you like good friends, bicycles, running, and beer, you're probably gonna have a good time!  And if a simple statement isn't enough, here is a picture or two for each of those topics.

Phil's Trail Network trail head.

Rolling out on Ben's Trail.

Evidence it's not wise to take pictures while riding single track.

Words to live by!

The trail system is so large it has roundabouts for bikes and central artwork....here's Bend's infamous flaming chicken (the trail version)

20 miles of riding wasn't enough for the girls....so on Sunday it was off to the Happy Girl 1/2 marathon....the start....

......and the finish!
Once riding and running were accomplished.....it was time for beer.  And if you're in Bend you must stop by Deschutes during your beer escapades!

Eventually we moved on for alternate beers serving locations..... In this case a bike shop that serves beer and decked out custom bikepacking rides!
 So there's a few pics from the trip.  If you enjoy bikes, running, beer, and fun, you might just want to take a trip in the near future!

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