Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Bike to Work Week...Day 2.

I'm trying to do something at least a tiny bit different on my ride to work this week so that it's "special" for bike to work week.  This might seem ridiculous, but as many people who ride a route to work day in and day out know....it's not usually special.  It's just the commute to work (just like it is to most drivers).  So for me today, it was varying my route by just a little bit here and there.  That meant hitting a little tiny slice of gravel I don't usually ride.

So...how will you mix up the commute this week?  Will it be taking a new route, adding a section of trail, getting on the bike vs. driving the car, riding to the chiropractor?  Any way you mix it up, it's bike to work week and it's definitely better than another boring highway commute!

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